Colleen, I wanted to let you know what a wonderful time Bart and I had this past weekend staying in your home.  We both agreed, staying there was what made the weekend so enjoyable.  We are definitely coming back in the spring and staying with you.  One thing we did not get that we are kicking ourselves, is a picture with our wonderful hostess.  We are putting our trip to Savannah high on our list of memorable events in our relationship.  You may not know this but we only met 6 weeks ago.  And I am thankful that we found each other.  Thanks for your ideas on how to handle some of the difficulties in my life. You are a smart woman. Thanks, Coulter Roberson


Hi Mrs. Williams! We stayed in the Gen. Jackson room for the past 3 nights (7-15 to 7-17). (2002)

We just arrived home to Florida a few minutes ago. We wanted to thank you so much for making

 our honeymoon extra special. The Confederate House was a romantic and

memorable bed and breakfast! Please tell Miss Annie that her cooking is superb.

 We enjoyed our stay, and we hope to come back for our future anniversaries! Sincerely,

Jamie & Susan Tedder

Dear Colleen and Charles:

Becky told me I had to write you this. Just kidding. We really enjoyed

your wonderful hospitality over our extended weekend. Your home

provided a delightful romantic place from which to explore Savannah and

the surrounding area. The Jefferson Davis room, with its' view of

Forsyth Park, was beautiful, clean, well appointed, and comfortable.

Becky says she slept better in Savannah than at home. We agree that of

all the places we have visited on our getaways, yours is the best.

We particularly enjoyed the breakfasts. You are great company, and your

knowledge of Savannah helped us in our touring. Thanks so much for your

generosity and your company during our visit. We look forward eagerly

to visiting you again.

Jim and Becky


Hi Colleen,

I hope you remember who we are. We are the couple that honeymooned the 1st week

of October. October 8th, 9th and 10th to be exact. We just wanted to say hello

and to wish you and Charles the best Christmas this year.

We are still talking bout the fun we had over breakfast with you and the amazing

way you have rejuvenated such a classic home. We are also planning to be back

next year and we will for sure be staying at The Confederate House. We just

rented Midnight in the Garden if Good and Evil and it made us miss Savannah so

much. We have been meaning to write this a long time ago but you know how time

flies. We just wanted our "Savannah Mom" to know we were so thrilled with our


We also said we would let you know where we stayed once we made to Charleston

for the 2nd leg of our Honeymoon. For a little R & R, I had rented a 41 foot

yacht and we stayed on the Ashley River. Not quite as roomy as your place but

nonetheless, it was a nice stay. It was a surprise for my wife as she was not

involved in the making of the plans.

Take care and we hope to see you again soon.

Best regards and Happy Holidays!!

Tim and Leigh Epps


I got your message. I am so sorry I am not able to call, but in my line of

work it is hard to get a few minutes for personal phone time. I told

Charles about the message. We were very sincere about extending and

invitation to you and your son to visit us when ever you take a trip to

Atlanta. You are always welcome in our home.

I have told a few co-workers about the wonderful time and gave them the name

of your bed & breakfast and highly recommend that they stay there.

I have to go now.

Please keep in touch. We will give you the new address once the house is

complete. I don't remember if I told you, but we are having a house built

and hope for it to be finished around April.

Forever yours,



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